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Effective 9/1/20 through 8/31/21

To choose the program your player is eligible to play, find his birth date in the date ranges below.

Kindergarten Program:  Current & Incoming Kindergarteners
 8U House & Travel Program:  9/1/2012 - 8/31/2014
10U Program:  9/1/2010 - 8/31/2012
12U Program:  9/1/2008 - 8/31/2010
14U Program:  6/1/2006 - 8/31/2008
*6/1 cut-off date is for current 8th grade boys only. 
Current 9th grade boys are not allowed to play on a 14U team per league rules.


An US Lacrosse Membership is required for our programs.  When registering, our system validates US Lacrosse Memberships.  Please make sure your player's name, zip code and date of birth match what you used when signing up for your US Lacrosse Membership.

Youth Lacrosse Minnesota League Rules:

Please visit this link for details.


Age Guidelines as of 9/1/2020:

10U: 9/1/2010 to 8/31/2012 

Our registration deadline is Sunday, April 4, 2021, for our 10U Travel program.


Registration fees do NOT include uniforms since we are reusing uniforms from 2020. New players will need to order uniforms separately by end of day, Monday, March 15th.  Returning players can order new uniform sets or individual pieces if needed.

3/18 Update:  Even though our uniform store has closed, we will have extra inventory available for purchase if you need a new uniform or uniform pieces.

***Returning Players:  Before registering, please locate and try on your 2020 uniform!
In case you don’t remember what last year’s uniforms looked like, here was the Boys Design.

During the registration process you will indicate either:
a) I will re-use my 2020 uniform and the jersey number.
b) I need/want a new uniform or a new shooter shirt/shorts/jersey. 

New uniform sets are $70 including a shooter shirt, jersey and kilt.  Individual pieces are priced separately.  Please go to for all details.


Our travel teams will start practices the first week of May.  Teams generally practice 2 weeknights per week.  Some coaches may schedule extra weeknight practices depending on game schedules and coaches’/players’ availability.

League play is anticipated to start in early June and end in late July. 


  • At time of registration, all families must acknowledge they have read and will comply with the ELA Social Distancing Policy which can be found on the COVID-19 page under the ELA Home Menu tab.
  • Player Commitment Statement:   Lacrosse is a team sport.  Player and team development happen successfully when players show up and participate - plus, it's a lot more fun!  We require all of our travel team players to accept and adhere to our Player Commitment Statement (committing to attending practices and games and providing coaches advance notice when not able to attend) via signature during registration.
  • Bullying Policy:   All registrants must accept and adhere to our Bullying Policy via signature during registration.  Player and team development and fun are dependent upon our players treating each other and their coaches with respect.


10U, dedicated goalies are needed!  Equipment is provided.  A 50% registration discount will be given – PRIOR to completing registration, please contact Tom Sarbaugh at if your player will register as a goalie.  ELA goalies receive additional goalie specific training during the season. Teams that do not have a dedicated goalie will need to have players rotate as goalies during games.


All traveling 10U players will have the opportunity to register to participate on an ELA 10U team in a Twin Cities metro area lacrosse tournament. Tournament fees are not included in the ELA Field Season registration fee.  A team will be registered for a tournament if a minimum number of players register.  Tournament registration fees are paid at time of sign up.  Tournament player registration date T.B.D.  Tournament dates will likely be on the weekend of either June 5-6 or June 12-13.  A separate registration for the tournaments will be posted after teams have been rostered.

Practices will be 2 weeknights per week - 1 hour per practice for 10U.  Tentative practice schedules for May will be available after registration closes and number of teams and coaches has been determined.  June and July practice schedules will be determined in late May/early June after the June/July game schedules have been announced by the league.

Regular season games will occur in June and July.  The schedule will be announced in late May/early June by the league.  

  • The first game could be as early as Wednesday, June 2nd.
  • Expect 1-2 games per week - some in Edina, some in other areas of the Twin Cities.  Games are scheduled on weeknight evenings.  12U will have 10 regular season games.
  • The July 4th holiday falls on a Sunday in 2021, therefore YLM will schedule games through Thursday, July 1st, and resume game play Monday, July 5th.
  • All 10U teams will participate in a one-day ELA round robin end of season tournament, tentatively set for the weekend of July 17-18.   

As a result of the pandemic, pre-season scrimmage games with other associations will not be scheduled this year.



10U:  $265*

*A payment plan is offered at sign up that will allow you to make 3 equal payments at registration and in March & April (NOTE:  a 3.15% transaction fee of the full registration amount + $1.50 service fee is added to each payment).

Registration fee includes: 

  • ELA End-of-season round robin tournament
  • Certified and experienced coaching staff
  • EMT at all league games
  • Edina Park & Rec per-player fees and field costs
  • League fees

GOALIES NEEDED - full-time goalies receive a 50% discount.   Please contact Tom Sarbaugh at BEFORE registering if your son is interested.  

Please review the refund policy below before registering your player.

In addition to the Edina Lacrosse Association registration fee, a US Lacrosse Membership is required and must be valid through AUGUST 1, 2021.   When you register, your player's name, address and birth date must match your US Lacrosse Membership; if not, you'll receive an error message.

Full protective equipment is required for the 14U/12U/10U/8U Travel & House programs per US Lacrosse:  lacrosse helmet, non-tethered mouth guard, chest protector, elbow pads, gloves, protective cup, cleats, water bottle, and lacrosse stick for position. ELA will lend out goalie equipment - throat guard, chest protector, goalie stick to interested players signing up to play goalie.

NOTE: Any family purchasing a chest protector should consider purchasing a NOCSAE compliant chest protector as these are required for goalies in 2021 and ALL players in 2022.

NOTE: Non-tethered mouth guards facilitate use with a face covering. Purchasing a spare mouth guard is recommended as youth players tend to lose these and they cannot return to the field without a mouth guard in place. A spare mouth guard should be in a sealed plastic bag with player’s name and kept with player’s possessions/water bottle on the sidelines.

COVID NOTE: ELA will comply with CDC and MDH guidelines for youth sports including requirements for youth athletes and coaches to wear face coverings on and off the field.  Updates on required use of face coverings will be posted on the ELA COVID-19 Policies and Procedure documents and families will be notified.

Edina Lacrosse Association is a non-profit volunteer run organization. Without family volunteers, we cannot function.  Each summer season one adult family member from each family must volunteer at least one time for at least one of the following:

  • Team Manager (1 per team).  This is a team’s communication liaison between the coach and parents. If you’re good with texts and emails, please note your interest in this position during your registration.  Training will be provided.
  • Parents interested in assisting coaches are also welcome!  If interested, please note on your registration. Lacrosse experience is helpful, but not necessary. New volunteer assistant coaches will be paired with experienced program and head coaches.
  • Behind the scenes tournament help
  • Other behind the scenes help or coordination activities
  • Scoreboard operator during home games and scrimmages (ALL families, on rotation)
  • Game clock operator during home games and scrimmages (ALL families, on rotation)
  • Field set-up (ALL families, on rotation)
  • Field close-down (ALL families, on rotation)
  • “Chill” side-line managers (ALL families, on rotation)

If your player is new to lacrosse and wants to learn the skills but not participate in competitive game play, being a Practice Player might be an option for him.  Please contact Tom Sarbaugh at if interested.  Registration fee is adjusted for Practice Players.


  • Ages: Typically 3rd-4th graders.  Birthdate requirements are communicated with each registration.  ELA adheres to US Lacrosse age guidelines.
  • As with all of our programs, our goal is for our players to enjoy lacrosse, while working on team work and lacrosse skills at the same time.  Focus is on basic lacrosse skill development, particularly stick skills and fundamentals of game play.  Games are played 6 v 6 with a goalie.  At this age level, players typically take turns playing goalie - extra goalie equipment and goalie stick provided by us.  
  • Spring Box Lacrosse Season:  Because of the fast pace and high number of passes and plays players are involved in Box Lacrosse, ELA has incorporated Box Lacrosse into its core player development programs.  The season, starting late February and running through early April, will include weekly games on Saturdays or Sundays (will require some travel in the Twin Cities Metro) and weekly practices.  Registration launches in early January with our summer season registration.
  • Main Season:  The main season is our spring/summer program. 
    • Travel League - starts in May and runs through July; involves 1-2 evening practices per week, plus 1-2 games within the Twin Cities metro (half are generally home games).  Generally a 3-4 night commitment.  Optional tournaments are available, which will require separate registrations and fees (generally less than $50).
    • Practice Players - There may be an option for 10U players new to lacrosse, depending upon interest level.  Practice Players are part of a travel team, but they only participate in practices.  Geared for players who are interested in learning more about lacrosse but not ready for the commitment of a travel team.
    • Registration generally launches in January for the upcoming summer.
    • Edina Uniforms provided and included in registration fees.
  • Fall Season:  The fall program can vary.  It may be a weekly clinic format, or it may be a fall travel league.  Registration generally launches in June/July for the upcoming fall.
  • Winter Season: The winter program is a weekly clinic to keep players engaged in lacrosse - generally Sunday afternoons in January and February.  Registration generally launches in early November.
  • Full Lacrosse Equipment Required: lacrosse helmets, mouth guards, chest pads with shoulder guards, elbow pads, gloves, cup, cleats, stick, water bottle.
  • Coaches:  Parent Coaches, College Lacrosse Players, or Post-College Coaches may be used
  • Assistants from EHS Boys Lacrosse Team
  • Requires US Lacrosse membership current and valid through end of the season

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